Predictive Dialer Systems :

The Contact 1 dialer system has been developed over a period of 15 years to be one of the most efficient Outbound Telephony systems available.

Designed to run with minimal agents, (minimum of ten preferred), the system will constantly perform and put more calls through to your agents.

Contact 1 dialers are a genuine predictive dialer, and can achieve up to 50 minutes in the hour of talking, compared to some of the more common "Predictive" dialers which are really power dialers, and average perhaps 30 minutes.

The Contact1 system is also the only dialer in the world that reschedules calls to ensure the best penetration of a list.

You owe it to your company to look at the Contact1 dialer system, to see how it can make your most expensive assets (staff) far more time-efficient and talk more.

Australian / New Zealand / US Leads Data

  • We offer genuinely up to date white pages listings for these areas.
  • We do not pad, and we maintain data currency.
  • A system is also available to help comply with Australian DNC Legislation.

Call Centre and BPO Offshore Services

Through our subsidiary Talk2Me, we offer a range of outbound, inbound, customer service and technical support capabilities for your business to increase your bottom line. Contact Us today if you have any questions
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